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Kasia Hubbard's review Jan 08, 12
I won this on Goodreads. Carter shows the reader a very straightforward approach to letting go of the chains of abuse that holds one down by backing up her information with scripture verses (a lot of scripture, and for me, that's important).

Though this book speaks more of sexual abuse, I would say that any type of abuse can be addressed by following her seven healing prescriptions within. I really liked the section "Give me back my Pearls", where it says that "damaged goods - speckled prey has value" really speaks volumes to those who have been abused.

The only bad thing that I can say, which has nothing to do with the book, is that healing takes time. This book isn't meant to be read in one sitting, but rather taken in steps, so that the healing process can begin. Just like a deep cut doesn't heal fully overnight, one cannot look to be healed overnight.

Overall, I think her process is straightforward and simple enough to follow, and I would definitely recommend this book to any person who has suffered any type of abuse.


Book Signing., Barnes & Noble Manhasset , NY

View Pictures from Book Signing at God4Me Farminigdale, NY

[Here Tarran ministers to a man about healing]

[As Tarran talked about her book, some of the attendees asked questions]

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